Vehicle Counter & Road Traffic Analyzer Software

The Professional System For Urban/Road  Traffic Management  ( &  Highway Administration ) In order to data collection, incident detection, and planning for road safety based  on  artificial  vision  ( artificial intelligence  and  video processing ) that  turns  any  traffic monitoring camera  into  an  advanced  A.I. Robot


General Features Of STA :

  • Highway/Road/Street ( but not intersection ) traffic analysis using artificial intelligence and video processing
  • Counting and classification vehicles (per direction (including several lanes)) in different classes:
  • Categorizing vehicles in 2 groups :

– Light Vehicles

– Heavy Vehicles

  • Categorizing vehicles in 5 groups :

– Car

– Minibus

– Truck

– Bus

– Trailer

( Ability to detect up to  250  vehicles simultaneously ( a unique feature of  STA ) in two directions

( suitable for multi-lane roads ) )

  • Calculating the real-time and average traffic volume
  • Calculating the average speed of vehicles
  • Incident detection including:
  • Detecting the Accidents and unusual stopped vehicles ( Including Large objects falling from the back of trucks )
  • Detecting the vehicles that moving in wrong direction ( Including illegal overtaking and move

    to reverse).

  • Detection of changes in traffic volume, To detecting emergencies on the road  such as the accident and road closures, and so o
  • Detection of changes in vehicles speed, To detecting emergencies on the road  such as frozen and slippery of the road surface, and  so on (Ability to use an additional camera to capture the pictures of incidents in another view)
  • Providing applicable reports in different forms, including charts, tables, and EXCEL files
  • Visualization of traffic congestion as well as to display incidents on a live interactive map
  • Flexible to work in different operational environments
  • Ability to operate in two modes: Online (connection to the camera), Offline (video files)
  • Ability to use different video sources including all standard types of IP Cameras and Analog Cameras
  • Ability to integrate with popular video management systems and so

Counting the vehicles and calculating the traffic volume and speed of vehicle

Incident detection and save the image and report of incidents ( with alerts )

Detecting the Accidents and Unusual stopped vehicles

Providing applicable reports in different forms, including charts, tables, and EXCEL files